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Business Value Builder Assessment

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company. Take 13-minutes to complete our online Value Builder survey.

Your average business has an average value. You're not maximizing the value of your company if you're not focusing on building 8 key areas of value.

After analyzing more than 30,000 businesses, we know that companies with a Value Builder score of 80+ get offers 71% higher than the average business.

Value Driver 1 of 8:
Financial Performance

Value Driver 2 of 8:
Growth Potential

Value Driver 3 of 8:
Switzerland Structure

Value Driver 4 of 8:
Valuation Teeter Totter

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Value Driver 5 of 8:
Recurring Revenue

Value Driver 6 of 8:
Monopoly of Control

Value Driver 7 of 8:
Customer Satisfaction

Value Driver 8 of 8:
Hub and Spoke

If you have questions about the Value Builder Assessment or would like to learn about the Value Builder Engagement, schedule some time for us to conduct a discover call.