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Total Online Presence Audit

We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your online presence and deliver to you a detailed report identifying the highest priority action items for optimization.

Not knowing how you're seen across the web is hurting your company's value and could cost you your next client.

Let us show you how to maximize the value of every element of your online profile across the web.

Total Online Presence Audit

Wondering why your prospects aren't finding you on Google, why you don't have all the reviews you should, why your friend requests have flat-lined, and why your competition is beating you in search engine results?

It's a function of your total online presence.

Our four step Total Online Presence Audit will give you the direction you need to implement solutions that will help you dominate your competition and increase the value of your business.

Step 1: Complete the audit intake form and interview

We'll ask you for some key information about your company... what's you're web address, who are your competitors, where are you on social media, how are you leveraging online advertising, how are you measuring yourself?

Step 2: Conduct the audit

Our team will use the information provided on the intake form to begin the audit. The audit will cover several key elements of your online presence to include: website review, editorial content review, on-and-off page SEO factors, social, Google My Business, directory and citation review, review of online reputation, and competitive analysis.

Step 3: Deliver assessment results

We'll conduct a one-on-one session to deliver the result and review our findings.

Step 4: Implement recommendations

Once you have our results and recommendations, it's up to you. You'll have the report to do with as you wish, but we recommend taking action immediately, don't let this sit on your desk for someday. Share the report with your team, your marketing provider, or engage with us and we'll take the burden of implementation off your shoulders. BONUS: If you engage DTLV Marketing to implement the recommendations, we'll credit the full cost of your audit to the first month of our work together.

The Total Online Presence Audit is a $799 investment in the value and growth of your business.

Jake Schloegel

 Jake Schloegel

 CEO, Schloegel Design and Remodel


Our visibility in the search engines skyrocketed almost immediately... We now have a clear picture and roadmap for the future and our business is booming. If you want to increase your online presence big-time, be it web or social, this is your answer.”

Anne Burns

 Anne Burns 

Westtwon School


We needed outside eyes to not only review our site and share feedback for improvement but also tell us what we didn't know. We got this and more with the Total Online Presence Audit. The feedback that was shared was clear, concise and most importantly actionable. We'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Take the next step now. Let us help you grow the value of your business by improving your total online presence.

Once you've completed and submitted the intake form, we'll contact you to schedule and conduct a kick-off meeting. Together we'll review your submission and layout a timeline to execute the audit; you should expect that this process will take 3-to-4 weeks.

To get started, click the "Audit Intake Form" button now.


If you have questions about the Total Online Presence Audit before deciding to make the investment, schedule some time for us to conduct a discover call.