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Strategy First Marketing

Understand who you are and who you serve first. Define your strategy before your tactics to turn prospects into customers and add value to your business.

You're losing money, time, and customers if you're blindly executing tactics without a strategy and means to measure success.

The value and success of your business are dependent of several factors; your marketing strategy is one. Let us guide you through developing your online and offline strategy to turn prospects into customer.

It all starts with your Total Online Presence Audit. Knowing how you're seen across the web establishes a baseline for what needs to be done. Learn more about the audit here...

The Strategy First engagement then moves through the elements of the wheel: client interviews, competitive research, core messaging, the Marketing Hourglass, content calendar creation, and high-level strategies for execution.

Strategy before tactics is how the game is won.

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Your Strategy First Marketing report will leave you with the highest priorities and recommendations so you can focus on implementing the right tactics to grow and build value in your business.

  • Total Online Presence Audit: A comprehensive audit of your online presence identifying the highest priority action items for optimization.
  • Client Interview: What do your existing clients say about you? What is it that they love about you and that keeps them coming back to buy from you.
  • Competitive Research: An investigation into and report on the competitive factors for several of your key rivals... why the win, their website ranking factors, social signals, and reviews. Where available, we'll also provide an industry overview.
  • Core Messaging: Your clear, unique, core difference... your talking logo... the message you use when communicating with your different target markets.
  • Marketing Hourglass: A collaborative brainstorm of your interactions with and the content you produce for your customer's purchasing journey along the 7 phases of the hourglass: know, like. trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer. 
  • Content Calendar: Your outline for the next 6 months of what to do and produce to engage your prospects. Content themes, keywords, channels, formats, goals, metrics, etc. to engage prospects and transition them to customers.
  • High-Level Strategies: The 4-6 highest priority strategies ready for implementation, aligned to, and mapped out as next steps.

Get your marketing strategy in place now. Let us help you grow the value of your business by providing the direction needed to execute the right tactics.

Once you have your strategy, you'll know what to do next. Share your Strategy First Marketing report with your team or your existing marketing provider. Alternatively, work with DTLV Marketing and we can get started right away, without any delays. Our tactics will align with your strategy and we'll configure one of our Marketing Programs to best meet your needs and grow the value in your business.

To get started, click the "Audit Intake Form" button now and we'll get the Total Online Presence Audit started.

If you have questions about Strategy First Marketing before deciding to make the investment, schedule some time for us to conduct a discover call. 


Strategy before tactics to build business value.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy eBook

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory; tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. - Sun Tzu, Art of War

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