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Relationship and Reputation Management

How you relate to and treat your prospects and customers is the foundation of their relationship with you; it feeds the reputation your business has in the eyes of others.

If you don't have a relationship with your customers they're leaving you for the lowest price. Create real relationships that build your reputation and value.

Like relationships, your reputation takes time and effort to develop... there is no marketing magic. You must work to maintain them, a good reputation is built on good deeds and relationships, but can be lost with one misstep.

Your reputations is about more than just online reviews, social media likes, "thumbs-up" and five-star ratings.

Your reputation is a function of the relationships you have with both customers and prospects. Great relationships result in great reputations. Focus on the relationships you have - online and offline - and your business will become known for great work that adds value.

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It's a process. To build your reputation you need to build strong relationships. There are a dozen elements that impact your relationships and reputation. Working together these elements will bring value to your business and value to those you work with.

Identify who your ideal customer is

Claim your online real estate

Provide valuable, educational content

Present yourself and your company as an authority

Implement a review funnel

Monitor and respond authentically

Be social

Appreciate your prospects and customers

Leverage social proof

Implement a partner program

Request and reward referrals

Document your systems

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The relationship you have with your customers started before they became your customers and continues well after the sale is made.

Develop relationships and you'll be more than a supplier to them and they'll be more than a customer to you. Make your relationship about more than the sale and it'll be about more than the price.

Use the above twelve reputation and relationship building elements to add value to your business or contact us to help you get started now. We'll begin with a strategy and a plan. We'll then execute the tactics to help you become a trusted and valued business in your community.