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Las Vegas SendOutCards

‚ÄčUse the SendOutCards tool to connect with prospects, customers, suppliers and staff. Sending thoughts of appreciation will strengthen relationships and build business value.

The problem is, you don't know how to connect with and retain the customers you already have. We'll help you connect, build relationships, and grow value.

Use the Las Vegas SendOutCards portal and Master Relationship Marketing training to strengthen the connections you have. Don't be "outta site, outta mind"... your customers and prospects will go elsewhere.


Through our partnership with SendOutCards and Kody Bateman, we are able to offer the online Master Relationship Marketing training program.

This course consists of more than dozen videos along with worksheets to accompany each lesson. This is a great package to pair with our Duct Tape Marketing System coaching package for just a few dollars more per month.


Sign up at the annual subscription price of just...


...renew each year thereafter for only $49 per year.

What's the next step? Request a FREE demo account that will allow you to send 3 cards and a 2-pack of brownies in the next 14 days at no cost to you.


Start building value by sending appreciations to friends, family, customers, staff, and suppliers. Click the "FREE Demo Account" button below, then click "Send a Card".

If you have questions about Las Vegas SendOutCards or the MRM training before deciding to make the investment, let's schedule some time for a discover call.