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4 Steps to Execute on Building Business Value – #3 Project Management

The last two weeks of this four week series have been about strategy (week 1) and systemization (week 2). Your strategy sets the stage while systemization puts processes in place to make the business less reliable on just a few key people, including the owner. With a strategy you know where you're going and having systems that allow for delegation, frees up time to execute on the strategy. Week three now, is about PROJECT MANAGEMENT and EXECUTION... implementing your strategic plans and moving the needle to improve the value of your business. 

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12 Things a Project Manager and Project Management Is and Is-Not

Well, since this is my first blog post I thought I would make it about what I do and what I’ve seen working as a project manager over the past 15+ years. This is a foundational blog post sharing my views on what project management is and is not and what project managers do and don’t do.

Some people have a misconception about what project management is and what a project manager does. In the end project management is about executing change in your business*. A project manager helps facilitate that change, helps to ensure success across the business, and helps reduce the stress a company feels about the change through effective organization and education. The change might be wanting to grow (or even a start a business) with the implementation of a marketing project. The change might be a result of growth you have or are experiencing, it might be a technology deployment project, it might be an office move, it might even be preparation efforts for the transition of ownership/sale of your business to someone else… your exit strategy.

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