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4 Steps to Execute on Building Business Value – #4 Marketing Success

For the past 3 weeks or so I've been walking you through the 4 steps to building business value...week 1 was strategy, week 2 was systemization, and week 3 was project management. The final of the 4 installments in this series is MARKETING SUCCESS. During the prior three weeks, you may not have seen how each area added to the value of your company, but marketing, that should be simple to see. What it's not, is simple to implement without a proven, practical, actionable framework. This week we'll cover the 7 steps of small business marketing success.

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10 Steps to Building Your Reputation: It’s Not Marketing Magic

How is your business seen in your community, by your customers, by your suppliers, by your partners?

How do your customers, suppliers, partners, staff talk about you to others?

Are those unfamiliar with your business getting a good impression? Is it likely they will do business with you based upon what they hear, read, and experience?

Are these things important to you?

If you’re not managing it, someone else is creating it… “it” is your reputation… online and offline.

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