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Your business is not as valuable as you think it is. Do you have a plan that creates bankability?

Management consulting that focuses on increasing the value of your business. Our goal is to work with you to ensure systems are implemented so your business grows in value and becomes less dependent on you so you can focus on the next challenge, enjoy that vacation, or prepare for your retirement. Become a jobless business owner.

Management consulting with a focus on business value...

You started your business because you found your passion. Maybe you love the outdoors and started a landscaping business, perhaps love for the the law led you to start your own practice, or it could be that you enjoy design so you opened a decorating business or architectural firm. You probably didn’t start your business because you love the business of running a business.

In fact, right now, you're probably too busy working IN your business to work ON your business. Working like this is not providing value to your business, it simply provides you with a paycheck. You are self employed; you are not a business owner.

Being self employed AND managing the business is likely creating a lot of stress for you and your family... 12+ hour days, no family vacations, calls at night and on the weekends, missed school activities/sports/meetings... I could go on. You're too busy fulfilling client needs and not your own needs... the needs and goals you had that were the reasons you started your business in the first place.

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management consulting - strategy

Strategy Development

Strategy development will help clarify both your personal and professional goals - you'll remember why you started your business - and lay out a plan to achieve those goals. Together we'll build a roadmap to reaching your goals and growing your business. We'll implement the tactics that allow you to move forward.

management consulting - marketing

Marketing Solutions

Practical, affordable, proven marketing solution implementation leveraging our partnership with Duct Tape Marketing. We'll deploy a marketing package that leverages online, offline, local, and referral programs to generate more business for you because we know it's about more than just a website and SEO.

management consulting - process

Process Mapping

Process mapping will clarify how work gets done in your business. We'll document it, test it, revise, and improve it. You'll have a more efficient way of getting things done and the ability to ensure others do it right everytime. You'll be able to confidently delegate so we can focus on bringing more work into your business.

consulting strategy - project

Project Management

With a strategic roadmap of where you want to be, with processes mapped, and work delegated to others we can execute projects that align with your goals and vision for your business. We'll focus on executing the tactics to grow your business and the change management that keeps your staff engaged.

You don't have a strategy. You're not doing all the things that'll improve the company. The work you do is all in your head and others do it differently (with different outcomes) every time. Business has stagnated, you have a few big clients and if any one of them left you'd be in trouble, and you're not growing. At the end of the day you realize you're just too busy doing "the work" and not growing the value of your business.

My role is to work with you to correct this problem. We support you with practical, effective solutions that bring order to the chaos in your business. We have removed the complication and mystery from strategy development, marketing, project management and process improvement to help organize and educate in practical terms.

Together we'll work to add value to your business by bringing focus to where you're going, consistency to what you're doing, and joy to those you're serving - your clients, your community, your team, and yourself.



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Comments From Those I've Worked With

Image of Jeff Browder

 Jeff Browder 

 FAA, Program Manager


Mark provided exemplary service as a valued team member during our efforts to re-engineer business processes at the FAA. He was always positive and efficient and functioned well as part of the team.

Image of Paige Cox Lisk

 Paige Cox Lisk 

 Constellation Energy, Executive Director HR 


Mark is a global thinking Project Manager who is also able to work in the linear, or more detailed, space as well. Having worked closely with Mark at Constellation I found him to be responsive, capable, a great communicator and change agent and willing to step up to the plate to accomplish any requirement that lie before him. I respect Mark as a project manager and natural leader and I consider him to be a value add to any team.

Image of Sam Kim

 Sam Kim 

Caesars Entertainment, Senior Director Technology


Mark is a go-to-guy... His technical knowledge and innovative thinking combined with his consummate customer service approach is truly appreciated by me and everyone who worked with him.

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